Ideal Body

ideal body

What is considered the ideal body type?

For centuries people have been fascinated by the human body and what constitutes the ideal body. Of course, over the years that image has undergone significant changes.

The ideal body type is a complicated topic. For example, some think that a muscular person with a strong core is the ideal body while for others the dad bod is the accepted norm. It all comes down to preferences and health but at, we decided to take a look at what the ideal body was in the past and how it measures up to modern times.

The Perfect Physique In Prehistoric Times


You might not believe it but there was a body standard in these times and it might surprise you to know that the ideal body was a larger set one because it showed the ability to store fat. 

That’s right food wasn’t easy to come by in those times so people who were bigger showed that they had the ability to store fat which represented longevity to the society at that time.

ideal body
ideal body

The ideal Male body in the Middle Ages

Let’s skip ahead many generations to the 1400s when a new concept of the ideal body was introduced by renowned artist and engineer Leonardo da Vinci. That concept would become known as the Vitruvian Man. The famous drawing was based on male models that he found in Milan and became the concept for the ideal body sometime in the 19th century.

His thinking behind the drawing was based purely on the interconnectivity of man and how the ideal body is proportioned. It bore no real aesthetic value. What’s most notable about this for us is the fact that the ideal body had significantly slimmed down meaning the emphasis was no longer on fat storage but on agility. 

ideal body

Modern Day Ideal Body types

After the renaissance, the focus eventually became more about fashion than what the ideal body type is. There is no real ideal in today’s society except to say that maintaining a healthy weight relative to your height is the accepted standard.

Body ideals are now more about what you wear with a heavy focus on fitting into the latest fashions. While some think muscular is healthy, other experts think there should be some muscle but not through every fibre of the body. There are some who think that the new ideal physique may even be going back to prehistoric times and evolving once again into a larger size. If you love working out for the perfect body, then being a personal trainer might be your ideal job?