Frank Body Dirty Duo Kit

Frank Body Dirty Duo Kit
Categories: Body Scrub
Brand: Frank Body
125 SEK
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Whether you want to shed dullness or prep your skin for flawless and long-wearing makeup and self-tan formulas, Frank Body’s Dirty Duo Kit does the trick. The face and body scrub duo is powered by ground coffee beans and nourishing plant oils, helping you achieve silky-smooth, baby-soft skin from head to toe. Set Contents: Original Face Scrub 35ml A twice-a-week manual exfoliation for dry, sensitive, or breakout-prone faces. Blending white clay and signature coffee grinds mix, the facial scrub draws impurities from pores and gently buffs away dull, dead skin. Decongesting and resurfacing, the scrub harnesses rosehip oil to brighten and invigorate your natural glow. Original Coffee Scrub 100g A blend of sea salt and stimulating robusta coffee beans that gently sand down rough textures to leave skin supple and smelling delicious like an orange mocha frappuccino. Cold-pressed sweet almond oil and antioxidant vitamin E nourish, protect and soften the look of cellulite and stretch marks.