ilapothecary Inner Light Gift Set

ilapothecary Inner Light Gift Set
Categories: Body Oil, Body Scrub
Brand: ilapothecary
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Be your star, let your mind and body shine. An invitation to joy and happiness, ilāpothecary’s Inner Light Gift Set balances, heal and help you feel glowing.The Set Contains:Quiet Start Body Scrub 200gilāpothecary’s Quiet Start Body Scrub is a sensuous, nurturing and exfoliating scrub, ideal for those times when your skin feels a little lacklustre and dry. Jasmine hydrates and helps to prompt a feel-good feeling, whilst Pearl helps to cocoon and leaves your skin with a lovely sheen. The Himalayan salts help to remove rough, areas of skin leaving you feeling reborn.Feminine Happy Oil 100mlilapothecary’s Feminine Happy Oil is a mood-balancing blend of fragrant essential oils for all-over body nourishment. The synergistic combination of ‘apoptogenic’ Maca with Sandalwood (known to balance the pituitary) and rose, jasmine and herbs, create a powerfully soothing, beautifully feminine aromatherapy body oil. Ideal for times of stress, fatigue, plain moodiness or moments when you feel out of touch with your soft, feminine goodness.Magnesium and Amethyst Deep Relax Bath Soak Deluxe Miniature 40gIlāpothecary’s Magnesium and Amethyst Deep Relax Bath Soak is a blend of Magnesium and mineral rich salts which are known to relax muscles, help ease nervous tension and help promote deep sleep. Blended with powerfully reparative and relaxing oils and gems - from Amber to Juniper Berry, Benzoin which is calming and reassuring, to Petitgrain, and Amethyst which is known to be restoring and rebalancing. This powerful mix combines to create a supportive and peaceful bath soak that help one feel calm and nurtured; promote deep sleep.