NEOM Complete Bliss Hand and Body Lotion 300ml

NEOM Complete Bliss Hand and Body Lotion 300ml
Categories: Body Lotion
Brand: Neom
276 SEK
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Replenish the look of your skin with NEOM’s ‘Complete Bliss’ hand and body lotion. Equipped with a weightless, airy formula, the lotion drifts dreamily across your base, absorbing fast for long-lasting softness. A concoction of natural, botanical ingredients and essential oils allows the formula to be kind and gentle towards your base, coating it in nourishment to reveal a more radiant, luminous illusion. Shea Butter locks in hydration to minimise the look and feel of dryness and coarseness, while Argan and Sea Buckthorn oils encourage the appearance of softer, more supple skin. The lotion exudes an alluring cocktail of scents, featuring Fresh Lime, Black Pepper and Moroccan Blush Rose, invigorating your senses each time it is applied.