NEOM Great Day Body Scrub 332g

NEOM Great Day Body Scrub 332g
Categories: Body Scrub
Brand: Neom
476 SEK
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Create the look of glowing, supple skin with the Great Day Body Scrub from NEOM. A luxurious, long-anticipated exfoliator that seeks to smooth the appearance of skin, and nourish the body with moisture. Infused with a rich fusion of essential oils, the body scrub seeks to deliver long-lasting hydration without disturbing your skin’s natural balance. Packed with an even higher content of organic sugar than before, the scrub also blends vitamin E and fast-drying oils to gently buff away dead skin cells, creating the look of a radiant, even skin tone. The gentle yet effective exfoliant uplifts your self-care ritual with an indulgent cocktail of skin-loving ingredients that seek to promote a daily lit-from-within luminosity.