NEOM Time for Real Luxury Set

NEOM Time for Real Luxury Set
Categories: Body Lotion
Brand: Neom
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Seeking to enrich your evening routine, the NEOM Time for Real Luxury Set features a pillow mist, body butter and scented candle powered by naturally derived ingredients. The brand’s Scent To Sleep™ range is crafted with luxury in mind, blending a rich complex of 19 essential oils to set up for the night ahead. Set Contents: A Perfect Night’s Sleep Pillow Mist 100ml Blending chamomile, lavender and patchouli the pillow mist enhances your evening routine with a luxury, 100% natural fragrance. Lightly mist your pillow with the uplifting fragrance and settle in for the night. Magnesium Body Butter 30ml Exuding a woody floral fragrance, the rich body butter seeks to enhance your bodycare routine by offering long-lasting moisture alongside an indulgent scent. Infused with magnesium, the mineral-rich body lotion is a comforting addition to your evening wind-down routine. Real Luxury Scented Candle 75g Blending 100% natural fragrances, the scented candle seeks to uplift your living space with 35 hours of burn time. Blending 24 essential oils as well as lavender, rosewood and jasmine, the candle exudes a fresh and enticing aroma.