St.Tropez Award Winning Kit

St.Tropez Award Winning Kit
Categories: Body Lotion
Brand: St.Tropez
488 SEK
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Equipping you with the essentials to achieving a flawless-looking bronze, the St.Tropez Award Winning Kit features a trio of bestsellers designed to effortlessly impart a long-lasting tan. Skin appears radiantly sun-kissed with a natural finish for the illusion of a year-round glow. Set Contents: Self Tan Express Bronzing Mousse A global bestseller, this rapid-development fake tan delivers a customisable colour with a smooth and even finish. Dependent on time, the fake tan can adapt to delivering either a light, medium or dark tan. Gradual Tan Classic Firming Body Lotion in ‘Medium’ Top up your tan and keep skin looking glowing and hydrated with this gradual tinted moisturiser. Melting into the skin, the lotion smooths over tan to help extend colour longevity. Applicator Mitt A luxury tanning mitt formed with plush, super-soft fabric. The mitt glides over the skin to help buff and blend tan to deliver a streak-free false bronze.